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Avoiding the chopping block

We love the TV show “Chopped.” The premise: Contestants are given a basket of mystery ingredients from which they must craft a culinary masterpiece all in a condensed time frame. Their dishes are then presented to a panel of esteemed professional chefs for critique on flavor, creativity and presentation. If they fail to beat the clock or don’t measure up in the judge’s opinion, they are out of the competition.

The show can be viewed as a metaphor for life. Like the contestants, we are all racing against the clock to transform the ingredients — our past, environment & people around us — into a dish (in this case, life) of which we are proud. When we lack creativity, a plan or focus, we are at the mercy of the chopping block. And just like the show, the clock is ticking and lends little forgiveness for our mistakes.

Alike the show’s contestants, one can prepare for success. By rehearsing practical skills, learning to set milestones and smartly using time, one can succeed and even have fun and wow the judges in the process.

Lioness Coaching is your partner for becoming a champion in the Big Kitchen of Life. Do you have the chops to play here?

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